Center for Environment and Sustainable Development

The Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development "ECO-Accord" was established in 1992 as a non-governmental, non-for-profit citizens' organisation and registered in the Russian Ministry of Justice. All the ECO-Accord founders have graduated from different departments of the Moscow Lomonossov State University and used to be activists of Moscow University Youth Council for Environmental Protection. Environmental and sustainable development problems became to be the first priority for both their public activities and research.

Contribution to the process of transition to sustainable development by:

  • searching new approaches and solutions for environmental, economic and social problems at global, national and local levels;
  • raising broad public awareness on issues of environment and sustainable development.

Eco-Accord cooperates with a wide range of organizations from Russia and Newly Independent States at the territory of former USSR as well as from all over the world. Eco-Accord takes an active part in international processes Environment for Europe, Environment and Health, cooperation on environment and sustainable development in Asia-Pacific Region. Sustainable development and implementation of the decisions of the World Summit on Sustainable Development is under special attention of Eco-Accord.

Contact information:

Olga Ponizova,
Executive Director

P.O.Box 43, 129010, Moscow, Russia

21B, Kuusinena Str., Moscow
Tel/fax:(499) 943-6083


"Eco-Accord" Center    Russia, Moscow, 129090, PO.Box 43     tel: 7-499-943-6083     e-mail: